Best Music Apps For Androids

We love to stream music online or listen offline, we always wanted high-quality audio either if we stream or listen offline. In the article, we are going to share with you some Android apps for listening to music if you are a music lover like me so you should definitely try one of these apps.

We listen to music every time I mean I always listen to music while we travel, exercise, and even at work and in other activities. Out there are lots of android music apps but list the best top priorities app for music.

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For Best Audio Quality

The most important thing in music it’s the audio quality but sometimes we don’t get the best audio quality so here is the first app for the best audio quality.


PowerAmp is one of the best apps for music, Poweramp also knows as Most Powerful music app for android. PowerAmp has superior audio quality. Since the developers of PowerAmp are still releasing new updates so make sure you always use updated PowerAmp.

Enjoy stereo enhancement with PowerAmp which supports both internal and external hi-res DACs, which are used to play audio up to 24bit/192Khz. PowerAmp has an equalizer had 10 bands and custom presets. PowerAmp supports all the audio files format, so you don’t have to worry about rejecting your favorite song.

Download Now: PowerAmp Trail version and PowerAmp Full version unlocker

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For Best Audio Streaming

If you don’t listen to offline music or don’t want to download songs and do piracy don’t worry we got you. There are lots of music streaming apps for free so you explore more and listen more.


Most of you already use this for listening to music and podcast and if you don’t, you don’t belong on planet earth. Spotify is the most famous app for streaming music it’s free and you can also go with a premium if you don’t want to listen to ads on Spotify.

With Spotify listen to millions of songs, search for your favorite songs, and search for your favorite artist, and albums. Share your created playlist with your friends, Spotify app is very user-friendly.

Download Now: Spotify


SoundCloud is the oldest and top music streaming platform for android users, But SoundCloud is not just for streaming music also if you are a music creator, make covers of songs, or even if you make your own songs you can directly upload your music on SoundCloud Free of cost.

Download Now: SoundCloud

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For Offline Music Listening

Here is the free music player for the offline listener.


VlC is one of the best players for Music or Videos. Most of the users use VLC players on their computers maybe all of the users are friendly with this app, we don’t need to explain or if you don’t VLC player just click on the down below link and download it right now on your mobile and also on your computer.

Download Now: VLC Player

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