Best YouTube Vanced Alternative Apps To Watch YouTube

As you Google just shut down the YouTube Vanced app because YouTube is running without video ads and also that bad for YouTube video creators cause they earn from video ads and sponsors but not all creators get sponsored videos so it’s bad for those creators. YouTube is a free platform to watch videos and listen to music and if you want to remove ads you can buy YouTube Premium to YouTube.

In this article, we are going to show you the best alternative YouTube Vanced Apps so you can watch YouTube without ads.

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We already talked about this you can read that post here for more details about NewPipe. Basically, this is the best YouTube vanced alternative app to YouTube without ads. With NewPiPe also you can download videos, create playlists, and much more. NewPipe can play videos and audio from other platforms like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and much more.

Download Now: NewPipe

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Another one, with SkyTube you watch YouTube videos without ads, like NewPipe, SkyTube is also an open-source app that uses a YouTube client. Also, you can’t sing-in your google account but you have the option to import subscriptions with that you don’t need to search for your favorite creator individually.

Download Now: SkyTube | SkyTube Extra

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LibreTube is another open-source app that you can download from GitHub. LibreTube is a user-friendly interface and also feels like a modern app based on YouTube client privacy-friendly. You can download videos and change video quality. You might face some bugs as it’s still in beta. However, we can expect that developers may fix these bugs.

Download Now: LibreTube

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uYouPlus- For IOS Devices

This uYouPlus is for IOS devices so if you use any IOS device you can install it on your device but the condition is you must have a jailbreak device to install a third-party app. With uYouPlus you can use additional features like sponsor block integration, Pip integration, and VP9 codec.

Download Now: uYouPlus– For IOS Devices

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uBlock Origin With Firefox and Kiwi Mobile Browser

If you want to block ads on your mobile browser, first you need to install any of these mobile browsers which support extensions or add-ons to install uBlock on it. After installing uBlock Origin on your mobile browser you can watch YouTube videos without ads, also you can sign in to your google account and also you can install some extra add-ons or extensions to use here are some add-on lists that you can use check out.

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Change DNS To Block YouTube Ads

You can use Private DNS To block YouTube Ads, if you have an Android mobile running on Android 9 or above, you can DNS setting under internet & Network settings to use Adblockers as your DNS. If your android mobile is older then we talked about how to change Android DNS settings click here to read in detailed.

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