Free Music Download Apps For Android & IOS

We love to stream music but back in the old days when used DVDs for listing to music or taps what if we can listen to music without the internet yes we can, when we travel and listen to music we face a bad internet connection that makes traveling boring.

In this article, we are going to share with you music download apps for your mobile so you can listen to music without interruption directly on your device. Here are some music app lists down below and you don’t have to pay a single penny.

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If you like to discover new music artist talent in Hip-Hop, Electronic, and Reggae genres you should try the app Audiomck where you can download music without copyright laws.

Aduiomack is a good platform for artists to distribute their songs and it has a content-filter system that helps to provide quality content. Artists like T-Wayne, Fetty Wap, and Migos are propelled hip-hop artists by this project to record label deals. It might help you to find an upcoming big star.

Audiomack can run on Android and IOS devices also you can access Audiomack from your desktop browser. But the download feature is available only on mobile apps.

Available on: Android | IOS | Web

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Fildo is not available on Google Play Store so you have to download it from its Official site where you can download the app APK and install it on your Android Device. when you install the Fildo on your device is quite simple to use, on the home page you see the trending songs and Hit songs, and you can use the search bar to find a specific artist or album.

Fildo can download songs and albums, to do that tap on a song or album artwork and tap on the three-dot icon, and select Download. The Fildo app allows you to store downloaded songs on your mobile storage so you can listen to music without the internet and without the Fildo app.

Available: Android

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Audials Play

Audial Play is basically a radio station app where you can listen to music and podcasts and allows you to download your tunes. With Audials Play, you can record the entire broadcast, and the song separation feature automatically separates the songs. If you are looking for a specific artist or album you can use the search feature and download or listen to the song.

Available on: Android | IOS | Windows | Web

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SONGily app is free so it contains ads, but also it offers you new music and old music from artists. You can play songs and download them, and it also SONGily shows you the lyrics of the song that redirect you to SONGily web where you can read the story behind the song.

Available on: SONGily

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Ymusic can play music from youtube but it doesn’t take too much data to play music from youtube so it means you have low data consumption. YMusic can play audio from youtube videos in the background, and it saves your data up to 90%. With YMusic you can also download videos as audio files.

Available on: Android

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