Helping Tools For Students To Study

Anyone can use these tools for education it’s not specific for students only. Students have more benefits from these tools, I wish when I’m a student where are these tools, Well when the new school and college session will start students look for notes, help, and guidance with their work and this mobile app will help them to succeed.

In this article, we are going to show you some mobile apps that can help you with your study and it’s a treasure for students. Let’s get started.

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Trello is a simple card-based interface where you can create your workspace and add your friend to share important notes and files with them and you can create categories for your deadlines projects, attach files to them, to-do lists to never forget things that you have to do. Trello is a very simple and user-friendly interface where you can do things by drag and drop and it has tons of features that you can explore them.

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Download Now: Trello for Web, PC, Andriod, and IOS


When are you studying and need to get unstuck? Socratic can help! This is a learning app powered by Google AI, Socratic helps you to understand any topic and even shows step-by-step math explanations, historical events, and details of biological processes, just search your topic, and Socratic shows you the best explanations so you can learn the concepts.

Just install this app on your android or IOS device and Ask a question or if you doing math just take a photo of the problem and good to go.

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Download Now: Socratic for Andriod and IOS


WolframAlpha is a search engine, better than google because it can filter unwanted things from results. It covers everything from maths to social science and it can show you the summary of novels, histories of countries, Math solutions, and much you should check out this if you are a student or a graduate it’s for everyone.

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Download Now: WolframAlpha For Web, Android, and IOS

Google Keep

Some of you know that or maybe some of using it well if you not using Google Keep then probably you don’t know how important an app is. In Google Keep where you can take notes, create a checkmark list, create a to-do list, attach pictures to notes, collaborate with your friends, convert your notes into a document text file in Google Docs, and much more. Google Keep is very simple to use and has very advanced features. You should try this.

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Download Now: Google Keep for Web, Android, and IOS

MyHomeWork Student Planner

You already get the idea by its name, MyHomeWork Student Planner looks simple and well-designed. With MyHomeWork Student Planner you can track your classes, homework, large assignments, and tests, well the interesting feature of this app it reminds you when your deadline is close so you never forget your important test or classes and you can also customize its theme.

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Download Now: MyHomeWork Student Planner For Web, Android, and IOS

Headspace For Kids

Headspace is a meditation app dedicated to younger kids who are still growing up. In this app, there are sessions for breathing exercises, showing kindness to other people, and staying focused after when the kid grows up they can switch to the adult section. This app is not free, but you can try it for free.

Download Now: Headspace For Kids (Android and IOS)

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