NewPipe: Watch YouTube, Go Ad-Free

Watch one video and YouTube shows you 5-6 ads, this is the universal problem. Advertisement on youtube is increasing and annoying, YouTube Shows so many ads on videos. But there is another way to watch YouTube ads and get a premium subscription, if this is the solution for you close this article here, and if you are looking for something free stay on the page.

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This is not a new concept to watch YouTube ad-free without spending a single penny. You probably heard about YouTube Vanced the most popular ad-free client, but unfortunately, it was shut down by Google. Now the market is wide open for apps and without competitors, NewPipe has gained popularity quickly.

NewPipe is a YouTube video client but is also stream SoundCloud, PeerTube, and Bandcamp content as well. NewPipe is a user-friendly interface for this smooth and lightweight app and thankfully No-ads without interruption.

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How does It work?

Playing videos from the YouTube server isn’t easy to part because platforms like YouTube, as the API is strongly restricted, and playing videos from PeerTube service, NewPipe leverages the API to source the content.

On YouTube videos, there is metadata and captions are publicly accessible. So how does NewPipe work, it parsing the content and shows it with its own polished frontend, and give us ad-free content watching YouTube.

On NewPipe you will get all the features such as Playlists, Bookmarks, Comments, and more. This app is not on Playstore, so you can easily download and install it on your mobile, if you use custom ROMs without play store can also install NewPipe.

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NewPipe is Safe or Not?

Many users don’t trust the third-party app used on their devices. That’s very common because of malicious apps that can steal your data.

NewPipe doesn’t steal your data, it’s an open-source application hosted on GitHub, which is verified by thousands of programmers, who actively work NewPipe to update and maintained the app.

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How To Install NewPipe

As we already told you NewPipe isn’t on the Google Play store, and also isn’t available for ISO. You have to download the NewPipe apk and directly install it on your android device. Let’s see how to do that.

  • On the NewPipe Website, choose between the latest version and the old version, the legacy version is for old androids and the latest version also works fine.
  • When you download the file your browser might ask for “File might be harmful” just tap on Download anyway.
  • When you downloaded the NewPipe apk, open your file explorer and go to the Downloads folder where your all downloaded files are stored Open the NewPipe apk.
  • When you try open NewPipe apk, by default android devices don’t allow you to install any third-party application but you can the Settings. Tap on Settings to change the permission to allow you to install of unknown apps.
  • Now toggle the key and Allow from this source.
  • After that, you will be prompted to install the NewPipe app. Tap on Install.

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NewPipe Quick Interface Guide

Now, we successfully install the NewPipe, when you open the app it almost looks like the Original YouTube app there you can see three main tabs, First one is Trending Page where you can watch suggested trending videos on NewPipe.

The Second Tab is for Subscriptions, where you can see your subscribed channels here, and also you can make categories of your subscribed channels according to your subscribed channel videos.

And the third tab is for Bookmarked Playlists, where you can see your bookmarked videos to watch later.

When you Tap on the Three-line icon, where you can see all the options such as Trending, Subscriptions, What’s New, Bookmarked Playlists, Downloads, History, Settings, and About.

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Stream Other Platform Services On NewPipe

On NewPipe YouTube isn’t the only Platform on NewPipe to stream some of the other leading platforms such as PeerTube, Bandcamp, and SoundCloud can also stream on NewPipe let’s see how to switch to other platforms.

To switch to another streaming platform tap on the Three-Lines and where you can see YouTube by default and a small down arrow tap on it and here you can see the other streaming platforms.

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