Switch To Snapchat+ (Next Level Experience)

Recently Snapchat announced additional features in Snapchat+ that can improve your experience. Now, these days everyone uses social media apps such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook but the social media common thing is they all give you to customize your profile for looks good and feel good that is why Snapchat comes with these new features they can change your whole experience and give you more priority to makes you visible for your favorite creator.

When you use this feature that can make your profile exclusive and premium maybe you can attract followers. In this article we gonna tells you 4 ways for Snapchat+ that can make your profile unique and your favorite creator to spot you from the other followers.

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Priority Story Replies


Normally when you react to or reply to your favorite creator’s stories there is a very low possibility that they reply to you back but the Snapchap+ increases the possibility of getting a response from the creator.

When you sent a message on the creator stories, the text box has a golden ring around it that makes your message different and spotted by the creator easily that way they know you are a premium user.

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Post View Emoji


This Emoji feature is a kind of signature that will be shown when your friend views a snap that you sent them. The Emoji is shown next to your name and you can choose different types of Emoji.

Check out how you can enable this feature, Open the Snapchat app and go to your profile>Snapchat+>membership card>Post view Emoji. That’s all now you know how to do that.

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Exclusive Bitmoji Backgrounds


Snapchat users can create an avatar of themselves and customize it. Exclusive Bitmoji Backgrounds can give you different backgrounds you can change them according to your moods such as golden background and beach background.

To change the background of your Bitmoji go to profile>background icon>choose your background. How you can identify Snapchat+ Bitmoji background well it is easy to identify Snapchat+ Bitmoji background has a ribbon with a star around them.

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Custom App Icons


If you get bored seeing this old Snapchat icon on your home screen but now you can customize your Snapchat icon this will change the appearance of the Snapchat icon.

Follow these steps to customize the Snapchat icon go to profile>Snapchat+ Membership card>App icon.

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