Why You Should Use VPN Browser Extensions

If you are thinking about why you should use VPN Browser Extensions there are a lot’s reasons for that such as safe browsing, but all the good things come with advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we going to tell you why you should use VPN Browser Extensions, their advantages, and disadvantages, how it works, and how to use them.

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How It Works

Before using VPN Browser Extensions you should know how it works. When you normally use the internet on your phone, laptop, and other devices they connect to the server of the website that runs by ISP standing for Internet Service Provider, and the website where you visit they know who are you, and ISP can see what are you doing there.

When you use VPN to visit websites you connect to the server through a VPN. Every country has its own server when you use when to visit a website using a VPN they connect you to another country’s server because of that no one can see your real location and IP Address. VPN can change your location and give you a new IP Address because of that website can’t track you.

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Using VPN Browser Extensions

If you are using any Web Browser such as Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox that can support extensions install a VPN on it and select the server and connect to it that can create a secure establish connection for you. When you use VPN Browser Extensions it affects your browser only and it does not affect your other running programs, you might face slow internet speed on your browser if you look for a premium VPN for your Browser use Express VPN and Nord VPN and if you want to use it as free use Touch VPN.

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