How To Boost Microsoft Edge Gaming Feature

Microsoft is working hard to make Microsoft Edge users’ first browser priority now these days Microsoft Edge gives you better experiences than Old Microsoft Internet Explorer. Microsoft is pushing Microsoft Edge to make people the first priority because Microsoft gives regular updates of Microsoft Edge.

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Microsoft Edge new feature clarity Boost focused to improve cloud gaming features. It’s based on machine learning and complex algorithms to enhance cloud gaming.

In this article, we guide you on how you can enhance your Clarity Boost Microsoft Edge.

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How To Enable Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost

Step 1. Open Microsoft Edge.

Step 2. When the browser is open conformed that the browser is updated. To check whether your browser is updated or not follow these steps open browser>Click on Three Dot’s>Scroll down open Setting>Scroll down and click on About Microsoft Edge Here you see whether your browser is updated or not.

Step 3. After that, launch Xbox Cloud Gaming and run the game.

Step 4. When the is running click on Three Dot in the Top-Left corner and Turn On Clarity Boost.

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