How To Install Apex Legends and increase FPS

Apex Legends Mobile is now on the play store after a long time of waiting and now we don’t need to play with turning on VPN before launching on the play store it was on the Tap-Tap app user’s who downloaded from Tap-Tap already experienced Apex Legends Mobile. Now the game is officially on the play store and some of the users facing problems like low FPS, and High-device requirements if able to install the game maybe you will face frame drops and lagging issues.

Apex Legends mobile developer provided customizable graphics setting that you can experiment with these and try different settings for smoother gameplay. However, if you manage to find your best game setting for Apex Legends Mobile and you keep facing the same problems because Apex Legends Mobile game is a heavy game and you need a more powerful smartphone.

Get 60 FPS In Apex Legends Mobile

You might be thinking about why we need 60 FPS for Apex Legends Mobile, is not for only Apex Legends Mobile if you play any shooting games this best and possible frame rate for shooting games, and below 60 FPS you will face lagging, the enemy not showing in your device, low pixel quality and many more but this is some major problems I personally face that. So Apex Legends Mobile developer gives more graphics settings than PUBG some may be helpful for you.

  • Before Launching the game boot your device, clear the background application, and free some space.
  • Now time for some action Launch the Apex Legends Mobile and at the landing page, you will find the setting option on the bottom left corner.
  • After the setting tab is opened tap on the Graphics and Audio it’s on the right side.
  • Set Frame rate at high as possible. { Frame rate depends on mobile if your mobile is not powerful enough then keep it high as you can but maybe if you increase the frame rate your device automatically reduces graphics }.
  • Use Graphics Quality on Smooth

You also reduce more settings in the Advanced section.

  • OFF Dynamic Shadows
  • Off Anti-aliasing
  • OFF Refraction Quality
  • OFF Bloom
  • OFF Vegetation

Fix Device Heating Issues

High Graphics games like Apex Legends Mobile can cause your device to heat too much because it’s using more processing power than other games so there are so many solutions for that.

  • Playing the game at a cool temperature.
  • Use the Phone cooler.
  • Reduce Graphics because high graphics take too much battery and power.
  • Rest your device after playing one match to take time to cool down.

Apex Legends Mobile System Requirements

So after all taking about these settings and heating precautions it’s completely depends on your device so if the device can’t handle the game so now its time to change it if you want to play Apex Legends Mobile on your device before buying new mobile please check the Apex Legends Mobile Game Requirement.


  • Processor – Snapdragon 435/ MediaTek Helio P20 or the Latest
  • RAM – 2GB or More
  • Andriod Version – 6.0 Marshmallow or the Latest
  • Internal Storage – At least 4GB


  • iPhone 6S or Newer
  • Processor -A9 or the latest
  • OS -IOS 11.0 or the latest
  • RAM – 2GB or More
  • Internal Storage – At least 4GB

This Official Apex Legends Mobile Requirement but the recommendation is if you buy a new device go with Budget Gaming Mobile 30,000INR to 40,000INR in this price iQOO 7 Legend is the best option, if you buy below this price maybe you can play the game but sometimes you will face some issues.

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