Call Of Duty WarZone Mobile Specs Leaks!

I know that so many players have been waiting for Call Of Duty WarZone Mobile but WarZone mobile is still in the alpha-testing phase, Activision is keeping high security to nothing to leak about this game but a new leak manage to come out under the high security or maybe it’s all was the planed anyway, the new leaks are about WarZone Mobile Specification so now you can check out it will run on your device or not.

Call of duty warzone that you already played on your PC or Console, for the console it’s not a big deal to run this game smoothly but PC players have some issues while playing Warzone because of its High-requirements if your PC doesn’t meet the low requirement it’s you can’t play WarZone so some of you already know that what will be happening after releasing this game on a mobile platform. So if you have a high-end device don’t worry about that but if your device can only run FreeFire on your device in that case stay away. Actually, you need a Mid-Range Device to run WarZone Mobile.

Check Out WarZone Spec For Andriod And IOS

Android users can easily purchase budget gaming mobile with this spec but IOS users get ready to sell your Kidney! Just Kidding.

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