10 New Windows 11 Features You Should Use

Windows 11 launched a long time ago you may be using this or if you use Windows 11 you should switch to Windows 11 because it’s fully optimized and lightweight. In this article, we are going to show you 10 features of Windows 11.

Quick Setting Menu

Quick Setting Menu is one of the best features in Windows 11. In Windows 10 we have an action center but with limitations but in Windows 11 almost every daily use setting like volume, brightness, WIFI, Bluetooth, Night Mode, and more.

To use this click on the area where is the WIFI icon, volume icon, and Battery icon, or just press the Windows key+A to Quick Setting Menu. Also, you can edit the Quick settings icon by clicking on the Pencil icon.

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New Snap Menu

The New Snap menu can resize you on Windows by just clicking on the resize box. It gives you a reference where you want to set your open Windows just click on them and good to go.

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal is also in Windows 10 but it’s built-in on Windows 11 and it is great to access the command line. In Windows 11 you can switch with Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt, Azure Cloud Shell, and even Ubuntu Linux if you install the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). To open the Windows terminal you can click on the search icon and search for it or you can right-click on the Windows icon and select Windows Terminal.

New Themes And Wallpapers

Windows 11 comes with several beautiful themes and new wallpapers to choose. Windows 11 themes and wallpapers can give your computer a new look.

To change the desktop background and theme, open Settings by pressing Win+i and navigate to Personalization>Background. To change the theme navigate to Personalization>Themes.

Centered Taskbar Icons

The first thing you noticed on Windows 11 is the taskbar position in the center which is the default position of the taskbar. The center taskbar layout works nicely with touchscreen devices, but if you have a wide display the center taskbar help you better with this and if you want to align them to the left you can also do that.

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Virtual Desktops

This feature we saw in Linux OS before, but Windows 10 doesn’t have this feature, but Windows 11 allows you to do custom desktop wallpapers with each virtual desktop. Every virtual desktop is unique and you can differentiate between them. To assign a wallpaper on a virtual desktop, switch to the virtual desktop and right-click on the desktop and select personalize and change the background and theme if you want.

New Notepad

In Windows 11 you will see the updated version of the Notepad text file editor that looks good with those rounded corners and matches the Windows theme. It also supports the dark where you can switch it manually between light mode and dark mode, and it’s automatically based on your system theme.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is used if you have a business or group to coordinate with them and communicate with each other. This Microsoft Team feature is deeply integrated into Windows 11 and it has a chat feature that you can access by clicking on the purple word bubble icon on the taskbar. Microsoft team also use for collaboration, calendar sharing, and video chats as well. It’s a perfect built-in tool for Productivity.

Nearby Sharing

Nearby Sharing is also in Windows 10 but few users know this, so kind of a new feature in Windows 11 because this time it’s shown on the top whenever you right-click on the files. It let you transfer files with another person using Bluetooth in a similar way to AirDrop on a Mac. To enable Nearby Sharing Open Settings by pressing Win+i and navigating to Settings>System>Nearby Sharing. After that right-click on the file that you want to share and click on the Nearby Sharing icon.

Run Android Apps

Windows 11 also runs your androids apps through thank Amazon apps store, Which is available on Microsoft Store you can install it from there and after that install, the Windows Subsystem for Android after restarting, the Amazon apps store opens automatically, Sign-in with your Amazon account and now you can download Android app on your Windows 11.

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