Why You Should Always Check Your Harddisk Partition Style Before Installing Windows

Most Windows Users don’t about Harddisk Partition Style that the reason why they lose our data. There are 2 types of hard disk partition MBR (Master Boot Record) and GPT (GUID Partition Table) so the main difference between MBR and GPT is that MBR has limitations, MBR Partitons Style drive can only makes 4 drive partitions whereas GPT Partition Style Drive can make more than that.

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Earlier Windows from Windows xp to Windows 8 can’t run GPT Partition because it’s requirement is use MBR Partition for Boot/Primary hard drive.

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Suppose that if you don’t know what’s hard disk Partition style is, so you have MBR Drive and you makes USB bootable as GPT drive when you installing the Windows it will ask for Formate your hard disk it’s mean wipe your computer and create new partitions.

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How To Check Hard Disk Partition Style

Is same for all Windows just right click on your computer icon and select Manage>Disk Management.

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