10 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Computer/Laptop Faster

If your computer/laptop running slow or taking too much to start your program, apply this thing to your pc or laptop to make it faster.

Tip 1

Disable your startup Programs: if you know that can of the programs in our system start in the background when you power on your system and it’s consuming Ram in the background. If you want to close these first, you have to open “Task Manager” by simply pressing the “Alt+Ctrl+Delete” these buttons. When you open click on “More Details” and you will see at the top “Processes” section, this section will help you to see which is already running at startup, so close these application or your open application and change the app setting “Don’t run on sartup“.

Tip 2

Close One Drive sync: One Drive like Google Drive where you can store you file, photos and videos in cloud drive, if you this feature is on then you can close if you don’t use one drive to store file because it’s automatically upload your file from your computer/laptop to drive. How you can close it fist, “Search One Drive” and open it after that goto “Setting” and “Unlink your account“.

Tip 3

Disable animation and visual graphics: When open or close any program then we see a small animation if we remove them then our system speed will increase. To turn off you system animation and visual graphics.

open “Control Panel” and choose “System” option after that you will see “Advanced system setting” click on and a window appears, now select “Advanced” section and click on “setting” and select “custom” option and untick all the check box.

Tip 4

Window updates: Usually window updates help you to upto date your system but it can slow your computer by running in background. If you want to turn it off completely press “Window key+R” and run will open after that type “Services.msc“, now services option will appear scroll down at the end, now find “Window updates” right click on it and open “Properties” now select any option you want “Manual” or “Disable” after that restart you computer. We recommend that set on “Manual” because when you want to update your system then you can do it.

Tip 5

Turn off tip & tricks notification on window: This setting not very use useful so if you want to close it. Simply right click on “Window icon” and click on open “Setting” and again click on “Setting” now click on “Notification & Action” and untick all the setting.

Tip 6

Clean storage: In our system have unwanted and temporary useless files you can clean them to save storage and make system faster for turn on this feature goto “Window icon” and click on open “Setting” and again click on “Setting” now click on “Storage” you will switch on/off option simply turn on the option.

Tip 7

Anti-virus: If you too much internet on you computer and downloads files from internet you should check your system and if you can’t afford an anti-virus in that case goto on Google and search “Malwarebytes” download and install it’s gives you 15 Days free trail but it can remove all Viruses from you computer.

Tip 8

Disk cleanup: In our so many temps files and unwanted files and folder to remove in one click goto “Window icon” and search “Disk cleanup” and select your “C:/ Drive” and Check the boxes you want to clean.

Tip 9

Uninstall Programs: We install so many program in our as per requirements but some of them we don’t use them so check your programs which software is useful, or which is not and uninstall them it save some and help system to load fast program fast.

Tip 10

Hard Reset: If you apply all these thing you not get any result then you should try this but first keep your files backup before Hard Reset your system. After doing that your system will look like new for Hard Reset open “Setting” and Goto “Update & Recovery” select “Recovery” and click on “Get strated” and choose second option.

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