Most Useful You Should Know If You Are A Windows User

In this post, we gonna teach you some of the trick and tips you should know about it, this thing can change your user experience and makes your work fast, and if you want to know how you can make your computer/laptop faster than before we already write an article on it, go and check you will know some useful method how you can do it.

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If you already know about how you can create a shortcut of files and folders and an application or program. This one thing can make your work faster if you are mostly working on a computer/laptop so let,s see how to create a shortcut on Windows.

Step 1. Right-click on an empty area on the Desktop.

Step 2. Move the curser to “New” and click on the shortcut.

Step 3. After that, a pop-up will appears and ask for “Type the location of the item“.

Step 4. Now you have to click on the “Browse” button and “Browse for file and folder” windows will appear.

Step 5. Now you can select and file from your harddisk (eg: .exe, .pdf, .txt .etc).

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We using the Run command for a very long time, as you know you can open it by pressing “Windows key+R” and typing the program name you want to open like notepad, cmd, Microsoft edge, etc. Most of the users doesn’t know about this thing you don’t have the type same program name again if you typed once, you can select that by pressing the up and down arrow key or either you can left-click on the drop-down arrow and it will shows you all the program name that you already search for.

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As you know, we use the taskbar to see the open program in the current time we are using, you can use a shortcut of the program for quick access to programs it’s very simple as “snatching candy from a child” but don’t do that it’s rude and shameful, left-click on file and a shortcut that you want to add-on taskbar and drag that on the taskbar and leave.

Windows 11 Shortcut Key

This thing only works on Windows 11 if you don’t have Windows 11 you can download it from Microsoft’s official website and if your current computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirement of Windows 11 you can check out our post Install Windows 11 On Unsupported PC. In Windows 11 taskbar is not just for looking at running programs you can open a program without clicking on it suppose that you pin five programs on the taskbar 1st is Chrome, 2nd is Microsoft Edge, 3rd is Zoom, 4th is File Explorer, and 5th is Opera Browser and you want open Zoom which is the third program, you can press “Window+3(number)” it will open it, same for if you want to open Chrome press “Windows+1” it works as you can arrange the programs on your taskbar.

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