Which Is Better SATA SSD OR M.2 SSD OR M.2 NVMe

In this post, we gonna tell you about the hard disk and we don’t talk about HHD Hard Disk because maybe you using it on your computer/laptop or as a backup disk. HHD Hard Disk is not fast as SSD,s usually some users are using these HHD as a backup Drive because it,s available on market at a cheap price. HHD Read/Write Speed is 80-160 MB.

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Best Thing About SSD You Know

If you upgrade your HHD to SSD this is the best upgrade for your PC/laptop because SSD increases your PC/laptop performance like turning on Windows fast and opening programs fast and fast responding.

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If you buy SATA SSD you can replace your HHD hard disk because it’s connected easily with a SATA cable. SSD Read/Write Speed is 200-550 MBps which is better than HHD. Here is one more thing there are 2 types of SSD available on the market SSD DRAM and SSD DRAM-less the difference between SSD DRAM and SSD DRAM-less is DRAM SSD gives you better performance and high Read/Write Speed whereas DRAM-less SSD gives you slightly low speed and performance that is why when you purchase DRAM SSD it’s the cost is higher than DRAM-less SSD. DRAM SSD speed is upto-500 MBps and DRAM-less SSD speed is below-480 MBps.

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About M.2 SSD

M.2 SSD is better than SATA SSD but it has its own pros. and cons. If you are using a laptop first you have to check whether in your laptop’s M.2 slot or not if you don’t have an M.2 slot so you can’t use that on market you can purchase M.2 to SSD SATA converter basically is SATA connector that connects with a laptop and in the connector, the device places your M.2 on it but before you do that M.2 not work at his high performance it slightly low. M.2 SSD is more costly than SATA SSD and M.2 also has 2 types of M.2 DRAM and DRAM-less, DRAM is faster than DRAM-less as we already told you and DRAM M.2 speed is upto-600 MBps.

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About M.2 NVMe

It looks almost similar to M.2 SSD but it did not run on SATA cable it runs on PCIe express slot because it Read/Write speed upto-4000 Mbps and if you purchase the cheapest M.2 NVMe it gives you 2 GBps speed which is 5x times better than normal SSD,s or M.2 SSD,s. There are 2 types of M.2 NVMe DRAM and DRAM-less as we already told you which is the difference the same difference is with M.2 NVMe.

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