How To Add Background Music To Your Video

In editing videos that you’re captured, for projects, or for youtube, the background music is important and most of the software is the same to add music in the background. In this article, we are going to show you how you can easily add music to the background video.

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What kind of Music Do You Want And Where You Can Find It

Before you start editing the video, first decide exactly what kind of music you want and you have so many options to add music to your clip. Play background music on a silent video clip, and add background music on a voiced video there are so many scenarios to add music on a video background.

If you think you can download any music and use it in your video so it’s not happening because is protected by copyright and illegal to use music without permission, especially on youtube and you can’t monetize your videos if you’re thinking to make money from Youtube.

There are some websites where you can use music for your video but again you can’t monetize your videos and if you want to monetize your videos then you have to purchase a subscription plan to use the license of the tracks. Down below are some of the sites where you can buy subscriptions and use their music library.

And if you think there is another way to use free music on youtube then you can check out the Non-Copyright Sounds this channel can provide you with music for free but have to credit them on your description.

How To Add Background Music To a Video

Now I think all of the simple video editor software is almost some except After Effect so follows these steps to add background music to your video.

Open Video Editing software and open a new project and add your video and music to it.

Drag the video to the timeline.

And Import your music into the video editor and also drag it down to the timeline.

After that now double-click on the audio file the mixer will open adjust the audio of your and video voice balanced and apply it. If double-clicking on the audio file doesn’t open your mixer then try to right-click on it and look for a mixer.

After that, you can export your video.

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