How To Archive Outlook Email

In this article, we are going to show you how you can archive your emails on Outlook which helps to separate non-important emails from your inbox and we also show how you can archive single mail and archive multiple emails in Outlook web, and mobile.

Archiving doesn’t mean deleting your email from your inbox it’s just moving your emails from the inbox to the archive folder and later you can unarchive the emails to bring them back to your inbox.

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Archive Outlook Emails On The Web

To archive your outlook emails when you are on the web browser, first log in to your Outlook account on your web browser.

Now select the emails that you want to archive and if you want to choose multiple emails then check the small circle icon beside each email.

After that click Archive at the top bar.

Now your selected email has been archived this time, and if you change your mind for some reason at this point click on Undo to revert your action.

You can read your Archive emails on the left-hand side Archive folder.

After that, if you want to remove your emails from your Archive folder then select emails and click on the “Move to” at the top bar and Click on Inbox.

And that’s how you can arrange your important email on Outlook.

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Archive Outlook Emails On Mobile

Open your mobile Outlook app and log in to your Outlook account in the app.

To archive email on mobile tap and hold the email you want to archive and if you want select multiple emails then tap on other emails to select them. On the top right corner click on the Archive icon.

And if you want to revert your action click on Undo.

To open the Archive folder tap on the outlook icon and go to the Archive folder.

And if you want to move your email from archive to inbox. Select your emails tap on three Dots in the top right corner and tap on Move to folder.

After that you will see multiple options, just tap inbox if your want to move that email into inbox.

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