How To Cast Your Mobile Screen On Your Laptop

If you like to play games on mobiles like PUBG, Call Of Duty, and Free Fire then you always think I wish I have a bigger screen to enhance my gaming experience. That would be costly if you buy Chromecast or an Andriod TV, but you know, you already have a big screen I mean your laptop screen or your pc monitor. You can cast your mobile screen on your PC/Laptop if have windows 10 or windows 11.

How To Cast Mobile Screen On PC/Laptop Windows 11

Step 1. First, go to “start button” and open “setting“.

Step 2. Now, click on “app” and click on “Optional features“.

Step 3. After opening “Optional features“, you will see “View features” on top-right corner.

Step 4. After that search “Wireless display” and check the wireless display and click on “Install“.

Step 5. When you installed that feature then goto “System” and click on “Projecting to this PC“.

Step 6. Leave the other option as it is and click on “Launch the connect to project to this pc“.

Now you will see on your screen like this.

Screencast Setup On Mobile

Step 1. Now, open your mobile “Setting“.

Step 2. Touch on “Connection & Sharing“.

Step 3. Touch on “Cast”.

Step 4. Now, you will your laptop screen Display here, tab on it and you will connected to your PC/Laptop.

This is the easiest way to connect your mobile screen to your laptop, i hope this post be helpful for you.

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