How To Change Drive Lable On Windows 11

What is Drive Lable? A Drive Lable is a Drive name, basically, if you rename the storage drive or other storage media devices such as hard disk, flash drive, or pen drive. If you assign a volume label to your storage drive it helps to differentiate between your personal drive. Basically, when you format any drive it asks you to change its volume label or rename the drive but you can also do that without formatting any drive or device to change its volume label. In this article, we are going to tell you some of the methods that can help you to change the volume label.

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Method 1. Change A Volume Lable Using File Explorer

  • Open File Explorer by pressing Win+E.
  • On the left side, the panel clicks on This PC.
  • Right-click on any Drive and click on rename to change the Drive name.
  • Type name whatever you want and press Enter Key to apply the change.

Method 2. Change A Volume Lable Using Settings

  • Open Settings by pressing Win+I.
  • After that click on Storage.
  • Click on Advanced Storage Settings when it’s expanded click on Disks & Volumes.
  • Select the Drive and click on the properties.
  • Now click on Chang Lable to rename the Drive and after that click on Apply button.

Method 3. Change A Volume Lable Using CMD

Note: To change a volume label using CMD always run cmd as administrator to change the volume name.

  • Click on the Windows icon and type CMD and Run as administrator.
  • Type label C: System (This code means label <Drive Letter>: <Drive Name>)

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Method 4. Change A Volume Lable Using PowerShell

Suppose that we have an E drive and its name is New Volume and we want to change its name with the help of PowerShell for an example Set-Volume -DriverLetter ‘Enter here Drive letter with these comas’ -NewFileSystemLabel ‘type here drive name with these comas’ and hit enter.

Press the Windows key and type PowerShell and click on PowerShell

Set−Volume −DriveLetter ‘E’ −NewFileSystemLabel ‘Temporary Storage

If you want to swap the existing driver’s name. Whereas Movies is the name of a drive and temporary storage is the name of another drive.

Set−Volume -NewFileSystemLabel ‘Movies’ -NewFileSystemLabel ‘Temporary Storage’

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