How To Change Windows 11 Boot Animation

When Microsoft released Windows 10X build, the Windows 10X build have progressive boot ring animation. That animation is alternative to the dotted ring that we see during Windows 11 boot sequence.

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So can we still activate the 10X’s alternative ring animation in Windows 11, the answer is Yes even Windows 11 doesn’t give the visible option for enabling it? In this article, we are going to show you how you can change the Windows 11 Boot animation.

To Change Windows 11 Boot Animation

To change Windows 11 boot animation you have to edit the registry to create a new BootControl key with a BootProgressAnimation DWORD. This process is very simple to do just follow our steps.

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Step 1. Press Win+R to open run and type Regedit, or Click on the Windows icon and search Regedit.

Step 2. Now move the cursor to the Registry Editor address bar and clear it and Paste this location on the address bar.


Step 3. Now Right-click on Control and move your cursor to New then, click on Key to add a new registry entry.

Step 4. When you create a new key it creates a folder named them BootControl.

Step 5. Now Right-click on the right side at the empty area Move cursor to New then Click on DWORD (32-bit).

Step 6. Now you created a REG_DWORD file and named them BootProgessAnimation.

Step 7. Now double-click on the BootProgessAnimation DWORD file and edit Value Data type 1 and click on OK.

Now we do all the registry settings. After that restart your computer and when your Windows 11 will start now you will see different ring animation.

To remove this animation just Go to again in Registry Editor and delete the BootControl File that you created and restart your computer to apply changes.

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