Is Your Mobile Supports 5G Or Not Check Here

Welcome to the next generation of the internet, some of you know that 5G is underway to launch in India and if you are already so curious to check whether your mobile is 5G supports or not so that is why we are here to help you how you can check your device is 5G supported or not so we compile a list of popular mobile brands of 2022, the most of Indian people have that device. So in this article, you are going to learn how your check whether your device is 5G compatible or not. Let’s see.

Tip 1. Check Device Specification

The worldwide famous tip to know your device check the specification page on the official website. As you know when a company like Vivo, oppo, or redmi built a device and launches it into the market before the mobile come into India the official site already updated the device specification on the site to promote the mobile.

So if you want to check whether our device is 5G supported or not down below we share some popular brands you can directly click on it and check if your device is compatible with 5G or not.

Tip 2. Check Smartphone Box

All the retailers sell smartphones in the box it doesn’t matter if buy on store or buy online. The device information is written on the box back-side. On the back-side check where is written NR which means New Radio (5G) or SA/NSA 5G Band and some of the manufacturers also mention 5G Frequency band.

As you can see above the image it’s an iQOO retail box where you can see it’s mentioned as 5G.

Tip. 3 Check 5G Mobile Information On Cacombos And Gsmarena

Check on to know your device this site collected all the maintain 5G bands information. This website helps you to check whether your device is 5G supported or not but it can also check which 5G band supports your carrier or region.

Check on the most famous site for checking device information in detail. You have to search your device name on Gsmarena and when you find your device then you can expand the network section to check your device is 5G Compatibility. Gsmarena shows you all region smartphones so please your region first before checking specifications.

Tip 4. Check iPhone 5G Band

Like some of the Andriod Manufacturers don’t mention the 5G band on retail box this problem also with iPhone doesn’t include the 5G band on a retail box. But Apple has a very convenient way to check this information on a single page. Just click on this link ( it will redirect to the apple site and first select your region to get the correct information. If you are using any android or iPhone device to open this tap on Find in page option to directly search your iPhone device don’t need to scroll down. For Computer users just press F3 to Find in page.

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