How To Check Graphics Card On Windows 11

In this article, we gonna tell you how you check your GPU, you might b brought a new laptop, a Pre-built desktop, or a second-hand product you are always curious what its specification is that actually those specifications are written in the description or something else. This post’s motive is to aware you that a lot of scam sellers in the market tell you something else and the end product is something else because of knowing your device configuration before the scammer does his job.

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Method 1. Check Graphics Card Using Task Manager

Using task manager you can only see your GPU, CPU, RAM, DISK, and WIFI but not the full configuration but at least you can check whether those five things are working or not. First, open Task Manager by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc that combination of keys can directly launch task manager And move to the Performance tab to look up GPU. If your system is showing GPU 0 and GPU 1. GPU 0 is the primary GPU and GPU 1 is the Secondary/External GPU.

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Method 2. Check Graphics Card On Windows Setting

In Windows 11 shortcut to open Setting by pressing the Windows key + I. It will directly open the setting and then click on Display>scroll down and click on Advanced Display> Now click on Display adapter properties for Display 1. This will show you GPU details here. If you are using a desktop and your monitor is connected to GPU then it will show your GPU Memory here.

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Method 3. Check Graphics Card Using From Diagnostic Tool

This option will show your full System configuration from the built-in DirectX Diagnostic Tool. To open the Diagnostic Tool press “Win+R” to launch run and type dxdiag and hit enter. It will DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

As you can see five tabs over there first is System where you can look up system basic information. In the Display tab where you see your display graphics name and other information. The Render tab, this tab will show your GPU information and everything about your GPU. In sound tab will shows which sound software you currently using it And the last tab Input show you how may many things you plugged into your system like a keyboard and mouse etc.

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