How To Create An Avatar On Instagram

This is not a new concept of making your own avatar on social media if you use Snapchat then you already know how to use it. On Instagram is almost similar to creating an avatar you can send avatar stickers in direct messages and Instagram stories.

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Let’s see how to create an avatar on Instagram.

Create An Avatar On Instagram

You can create your avatar on both devices android and iPhone. Follow our steps.

Step 1. Open Profile and Tap on Edit Profile.

Step 2. Tap on Create Avatar.

First, select your Skin Tone and Tap on Next.

Now, you can see your avatar preview and on the top right-hand side, you can see a small icon it mirrors when tap on it, it will help you to make your avatar more accurate.

On the center of the screen is Toolbar, Toolbar helps with pickup hairstyle, outfits, body, eye shape, eyebrows, nose, mouth, face shape, Facial hair, a hearing device, ear piercings, glasses, and head wears.

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Step 3. Hairstyle: When you scroll down you see lots of hairstyles that you can choose and then you can change your hair color by tapping on the paint board icon.

Step 4. Outfit: Select a cool outfit or a casual outfit as you want.

Step 5. Body: select your body type.

Step 6. Eye Shape: Here you can choose your eye shape, eye color, and eye makeup.

Step 7. Eyebrows: here you can choose your eyebrow shape, eyebrow color, and bindi.

Step 8. Nose: here you can choose nose shape and nose piercings.

Step 9. Mouth: here you can choose lips shape and lips color.

Step 10. Face Shape: here you can choose face shape, face marking, and face lines.

Step 11. Facial Hair: here you can choose your beard and beard color.

Step 12. Ear piercings and Hearing Device: here you can choose earrings and hearing devices.

Step 13. Eyewear: here you can choose glasses and change their color, looks cool.

Step 14. Headwear: here you can choose caps and much more options and also you can change their colors.

After all the things are done now you can tap the Done button on the top right-hand side. Now your avatar is being created and tap on the Next button.

Again if you open your profile and go to edit profile and go to edit avatar now you can see a dustbin icon if you want to delete the avatar.

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