How To Customize Clock On Andriod Mobile

The first thing we see on the lock screen is a clock when we pick up our phone. The customizing clock on android depends on your device some of the devices have too many themes and some of the devices have fewer clock themes so it totally depends on your device. In this article, we are going to show you how you can customize your clock theme.

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Customizing Clock On Google Pixel

In Google Pixel you have more to customize the clock on the lock screen. You have only a large clock that covers your screen and a small clock on the top.

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Swipe Down to view the control panel and tap on the setting icon.

Next, tap on the Display section.

After that tap on the Lock Screen.

Now turn the toggle switch on or off whatever you want.

In Google pixel, you can only tweak this toggle key to change the clock.

Customizing Clock On Samsung Galaxy

Samsung devices have different types of clocks styles for the lock screen to choose from. In Samsung, the color of the clock can also tweak.

First, open settings.

Tap on the Lock Screen.

Now Tap on Clock Style.

now you will see different types of clock styles choose whatever you want and you can also choose color pick them up and tap on Done after the customization.

When all the customization is done now tap on done to save the clock setting.

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