How To Download Files From GitHub

Have you ever tried to download files, programs, and codes from Github but failed to download your content and you don’t know how to download files from Github? In this article, we are going to show you how you can download files, programs, and codes from Github.

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Check This Before Downloading Any Files

Open the Github website and open the project that you want to download. When you open the page look right-hand side of the release date is it the latest or not, it depends on your work whether the program file needs to be updated or not.

After that scroll down and look for the Assets section there you can see your files in different formats. If you are a Windows user then download .zip, .msi, or .exe and if you are a Mac user then download .dmg, or .zip files formate and if you want source code then click source code file to download.

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If you don’t see any compressed files to download in the assets section and it shows you project folders and files then click on the green code button you find on your right-hand side then click on Download ZIP. it will download all the files and folders in your system in form of a compressed file.

Know Your Project

If you want to know more things about your project then you can check the README section it is usually down below in assets and if you don’t see any readme file then you check the project website, which you can find on the right-side of Github page in About section.

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