How To Edit Windows 11 “Quick Settings”

Windows 11 introduce the new feature Quick Settings if you don’t know about let’s see. In Windows 10 we have an action center with some limitations on it but now on Windows 11 Quick Setting works very well and fast. Let’s see how it works and how to edit Quick Settings.

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Access Windows 11 Quick Settings

On the lower-right corner of the taskbar where you can see time and date, there are 3 icons WIFI, volume, and Battery icons on your screen just click on any of these 3 icons, and Quick Settings will open, or just press Win+A. Where you can see WIFI, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Brightness control, volume control, and more. It’s very convenient to access all the features in Quick Settings and saves time.

Also, you can access Accessibility tools from here, if you click on Accessibility you can see the all tools like Magnifier, color filters, Narrator, mono audio, and sticky keys.

How to edit Windows 11 Quick Settings

To change the Quick Settings contents, just click on the small pencil icon in the lower-right corner of the Quick Settings.

After that click on Add to add more Quick Settings icons from a pop-up list.

To close the Quick Settings menu, click anywhere outside of the Quick Settings menu area or press Escape.

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