How To Enable Enhanced Protection In Google Chrome

We know Google Chrome always protect our privacy and we know how important it is, to keep our data safe and secure. If you don’t know Google Chrome has two type of browsing mode Fist is standard mode that we normally using when we install Google Chrome and Second is Enhanced Protection mode, this mode more secure than standard mode for safe browsing.

How It’s Work?

This mode works on High-security that Google has already used it. It works like that for example:- if you visit any site Google will detect dangerous URLs and protect you from Malware, Suspicious files and it also checks which site is stealing and using your data, it will notify you.

How To Enable Google Enhanced Protection

Step 1. Open your “Google Chrome” and you will on top right-corner “Three DOT” click there.

Step 2. Now, click on “Setting” and now on the left you see the “Security and Privacy” section click on it and choose “Security”.

Step 3. Now, you will see the standard option is already on and switch to “Enhanced Protection”.

These little steps can protect data and privacy.

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