How To Enable File Explorer Tabs On Windows 11

If you never heard about this new feature in Windows 11 then you should do this and I’m sure you gonna love this new feature. If you are using any browser then you know that we can open multiple tabs in the browser same just like that, this feature can open multiple tabs in file explorer.

This feature is not an official feature from Microsoft, it is created by Rafael Rivera and Lucus, yes it’s a third-party tool known as ViVeTool. You can enable this feature it’s available on GitHub gives you a new experience while you using file explorer.

This post guide you on how you can enable these tabs to feature on windows 11 now let’s see how to do it.

Enable Tab Feature On Windows 11

1. Open Github Website.

2. Download

3. Double-click to open the zip file in file explorer or WinRAR.

4. Now extract all files.

5. Copy the path of the file you just extracted.

6. Open Command Prompt, Run as Administrator.

7. Now type “cd” and paste the file path that we copy and press enter key.

ex. cd C:\Users\Incognito\Downloads\ViVeTool-v0.2.1

8. Now type this command and HIT ENTER “vivetool addconfig 34370472 2“.

9. Restart your computer.

After you completed all the steps successfully you use the new tabs feature on Windows 11.

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