How To Enable Live Text Feature On Windows 11

This LIve Text Feature is available on Apple’s Mac Books and Apple’s iPhone, Live text feature was first released with macOS Monterey and IOS 15 that copy text from images but as we Apple not satisfied with that so with IOS 16 and macOS venture this feature is updated and now you can copy text from paused videos also.

If you are a Windows user so you might be thinking about how you can use these features on Windows Laptop/PC as you know Windows users find the cheapest way or apply tricks to get this Live Text feature on Windows. In this article, we gonna share with you some tricks to get this Live Text feature if you want to try it.

Method 1. Black Box

This method will work only inside your browser if you use the free version then you have to install the browser extension called Black Box.

Step 1. Install the Black Box extension on your browser and open it.

Step 2. Log in to the BLack Box extension.

Step 3. Now click on the Black Box extension it will turn your mouse cursor into a plus icon now hold left-click to select the text-written image area that you want to copy and once you release the button the image text will copy to your clipboard.

Black Box is paid application for $6.20 per month and $59.40 per year if you want to buy go ahead it will run on both OS Windows and Mac it comes with other useful features like the video search feature and copies text from playing videos.

Method 2: Capture2Text

Capture2Text is free you can download it by searching it on Google and it’s much better. Let’s see how it’s works.

Step 1. Download and Unzip Capture2Text.

Step 2. Run Capture2Text and press Win+Q this is the shortcut key to capture, now select the area that you want to copy text from.

Step 3. When an area is selected, do left-click it will open a new window, and now you can edit and copy the text.

In the Captue2Text setting, you can disable the auto pop-up window and enable save to clipboard if you want.

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