How To Enable Or Disable Run On Windows 11

We use the RUN command box for a long time as a shortcut to open any programs directly, such as Registry Editor, CMD, Notepad, etc. What if, the RUN command box working or if a RUN command is not working properly in your computer in this post we gonna a share a small tutorial on how you can enable or Disable the RUN command box on Windows 11.

WARNING: Editing Windows Registry can damage your windows system, We recommend taking a full backup of Windows Registry and creating a system restore point.

How to enable or disable the RUN command box through the registry editor follow these steps.

Step 1. Open Registry Editor, Press Window key + R, and Type “regedit” and hit enter.

Step 2. When Registry Editor is open, Locate this location “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer” you can copy this paste on the location bar and hit enter automatically locates you at this location.

Step 3. Right-click on “Explorer” move the cursor to “New” and click on “DWORD (32-bit) value” and name it “NoRun“.

Step 4. Now, open NoRun by Double-clicking on it and set “Value Data” at “1“, and click on “OK”.

Step 5. Now, REBOOT your system to apply the change.

Now you learn how you can disable the RUN command box, and if you want to enable the RUN command box again all you have to do is repeat these steps 1 to steps 3, and in Step 4, just set the value date at 0 (ZERO).

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