How To Enable Screen Reader In Windows 11

There is some third-party software for screen readers but Windows has a built-in feature for this called Narrator. Most of the users don’t use this but if have low eyesight and can’t read too much or for a long time this will helps you. We preferred to use Narrator if you suffer from any eye problem or any other reasons. In this article, we are going to tell you how you can enable Narrator on Windows 11.

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There is a couple of methods to turn on the Narrator let’s see some of them.

Method 1. Turn On Narrator With Keyboard

Let’s look up the easiest method first, turn on Narrator by pressing Ctrl+Win+Enter keys this starts your Windows 11 Narrator. After that when you click on something this will Narrat for you. You can minimize the narrator or close it while running in the background and if you want to stop the narrator press again the Ctrl+Win+Enter keys and you can see the Turn Off Narrator just click on them.

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Method 2. Turn On Narrator From Settings

Turn on Narrator from settings, first open Settings by pressing Win+i and going to Accessibility, and turn on Narrator the toggle key.

Here you can set the narrator to start up schedule such as Start narrator before signing in and Start narrator after signing in, you can change the narrator’s voice, narrator speed, and narrator volume. You can change these settings according to your needs.

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Method 3. Turn On Narrator By Searching

This is the universal method to start any program on Windows, on the taskbar click on the search icon and type Narrator, and open.

Or click on the Windows logo and click on All apps and scroll down and look for Windows ease of access click on it and click on Narrator.

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