How to Enable Tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 Build 25136 (Step By Step)

Windows 11 have taken our PCs to a new level and earlier this year, Microsoft announced the tabs feature for File Explorer in Windows 11, but while we got the first public preview, the company took a long time getting there. Tabbed File Explorer is currently available for some insiders in build 25136 from the Dave channel, and there are no hacks required to access it as all of this is pretty straightforward. While the few lucky insiders have access the rest of the people will have to use the popular Vivetool app to enable the tabs. We know that these features should be made available to everyone but limited feature rollouts is Microsoft’s way of getting their product right.

Starting the Tabs in File Explorer in Windows 11 Build 25136 (Step by Step:)

To enable Tabbed File Explorer, you first need to update your PC to Windows 11 Build 25136 from the Dev Channel.

  • Download Vivetool from its repository on Github using this link.
  • After Downloading the file, Extract it to your PC.
  • Press Win + R and type cmd, then press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. This Command should launch Command Prompt as Administrator.
  • Type CD with the path to the Vivetool’s folder and press Enter. (For example: CD C:\Vivetool.)
  • Type vivetool addconfig 37634385 2 and then proceed to press Enter.
  • In the end, Restart Your PC and the changes should be visible.

Once your PC gets rebooted, open File Explorer to check out its new tabbed interface.

Note: You might not get the redesigned navigation pane after enabling the config.

If you want to disable Tabbed File Explorer in Windows 11 25136, repeat the steps we have provided above and use the ‘delconfig 37634385‘ command on Step 4.

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