Fix Task Manager Disabled By Administrator

Task Manager is used to managing our program to manage some of the programs that are visible to close and some of the runnings in the background, with the help of Task Manager we can see which program is taking processing in the background. Sometimes when you try to open task manager it shows a message “Task Manager is disabled by administrator” it shows due to thirty-party applications and viruses or spyware preventing you to from using Task Manager.

First you have sign in as Administrator if aren’t.

How To Fix Task Manager Disabled By Administrator Using Registry Editor

Step 1. Open RUN by pressing “Window key + R” and type “Regedit”.

Step 2. New window appears, now on the left-hand side click on “HKEY_CURRNET_USER”.

Step 3. After that goto “Software”.

Step 4. And open “Microsoft”.

Step 5. And open “Windows”.

Step 6. Now open “CurrentVersion”.

Step 7. After that open “Policies” and goto “System” and now you will on your Right-hand side there is four files leave first file and open those three file one by one and type 0 (Zero) on “Value Data”.

After completing all those steps now close these windows and now you can use “Task Manager”.

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