How To Flush Your DNS On Windows 10

Sometimes we face trouble while we using the internet because of its low speed but when you check your other devices, they working well and you must be tired of cleaning browser cache and cookies but you can’t get any solutions. Maybe flushing your DNS on Windows 10 fix your problem.

What DNS Do

A DNS (Domain Name System) converts words into IP addresses because the computer only knows numbers. For example, you search “WWW.GOOGLE.COM” in your web browser the DNS server was searched through the database to find a matching IP address for that domain name, when it finds the domain name it resolves the IP address of the Google website, and once that is done then your computer is able to communicate google website server and retrieve the webpage.

How You Can Flush Your DNS Cache

DNS Cache automatically clears every time you restart your computer because the DNS cache is not stored in your computer as files, it’s stored in system memory. It means the simplest way to clear your DNS cache is to restart your computer.

If you want to do this manually just follow these steps.

1. Run “Command Prompt” as Administrator or Press “Windows key + R” and type CMD.

2. Now type “ipconfig/flushdns” and hit enter button.

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