How To Change Background While Video Calling On A Samsung Phone

Samsung devices make it easier to change the background while video calling if you attend too many video calls from WhatsApp, Zoom, and Meet. Here Samsung solves your background problem. Let’s see how to blur the background, or cover it with an image, or color so the caller can focus on you, not on your background.

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How To Add Video Call Background Effects On A Samsung Galaxy

Changing your background with an image, adding colors, or making background blur to hide distractions while you are on a video call with someone. Use this to look professional and don’t give off abas impression just because your room looks odd or dirty.

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Follow our steps to enable video call effects on your Samsung Galaxy:

First, Go to Settings and open Advanced Features then scroll down and find Video call effects and toggle the button to On the feature.

Now Tap on Video Call Effects. You will see several preset backgrounds you can select one of them.

For the custom background color, tap the last colorful circle to create your custom background color.

For the custom background image, tap on the + (plus icon) and browse any image from your gallery, and tap on done.

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