How To Create Folders In Windows 11 Start Menu [In-Depth Guide]

In Windows 11 22H2 update Microsoft’s new feature is creating a folder in the start menu as you know folders are simply a fast and easiest way to organize files and groups. In this tutorial, we gonna explain. How To Create A Folder In The Start Menu And Delete It.

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How To Create A Start Menu Folder

Step 1. Left-Click on Start Menu.
Step 2. Just like that as you create a folder on your smartphone by dragging one icon to another app.
Step 3. Once the folder is created you can open it by clicking on it and adding more apps by dragging on it.

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How To Rename Start Menu Folder

Now, you created a folder but I know you want to rename it so follow these steps to rename it.
Step 1. Click on the Start Menu and open the folder.
Step 2. Now you can see the text that edit name.
Step 3. Type your folder name and hit enter.

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How To Delete Folder From Start Menu

When your folder is created and I know that you also want to delete it so follow these steps.
Left-Click on Start Menu and open created folder.
When the folder is opened you can drag and drop outside the folder.

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