How To Increase Windows 11 Speed & Performance

Windows 11 is well-optimized windows ever and its effects and windows processing is not that high but if you install it on your desktop and it’s working slowly due to hardware requirement and Windows 11 requirement doesn’t meet the requirement on your desktop or laptop. Don’t worry we got you.

In this article, we are going to show you how you can reduce animation effects and Makes your Windows 11 faster than before this is not a trick is just a setting on Control Panel do this and you will see the result instantly.

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How To Turn Off Animations & Effects on Windows 11

Click on the Search icon and Type “View Advanced System Settings” and open it.

After that System Properties, Dialog Box appears then click on Settings under the Performance section

Now Performance Options Box appears then click on Adjust for best performance.

This will off all the animation and effects on your Windows 11 to run faster don’t tick any option it will slow your Window and take time to process.

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