How To Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Laptop/PC And Mac

As you know Google release his Chrome OS Flex for free that any can use it we already talked about that on our previous post you can read this for more details Google Chrome OS For Windows And Mac For Free, with short intro about Google Chrome OS Flex let’s get started, now you can get Chrome book experience on your current Laptop/PC and Mac you using it fast and secure and its come with some interesting features that we already using but our smartphones now you access all this feature in you laptop/PC and Mac like Google assistant, Google Play Store and much more so now get to the topic how to install Google Chrome OS Flex on Laptop/PC and Mac.

Requirements To Install Google Chrome OS Flex

  1. A USB Pendrive/Flash drive with 8GB of capacity or more storage
  2. A PC with windows with intel or AMD x86-64bit processor
  3. 4GB RAM atleast or more

How To Make Bootable Chrome OS Flex On USB Drive

  1. First, you need to install Chromebook Recovery Utility using Chrome extension from HERE this extension allow you to flash USB drive.

2. Open Chromebook Recovery Utility and insert you USB device in your system, and Click on “Get Started”

3. Next, Click on the “Select a model from a list”

4. Next, click on “Select a manufacure” and you will see drop-down menu and select “Google Chrome OS Flex”. On the second drop-down menu, select “Chrome OS Flex (Developer-Unstable)”. Now, click on “Continue”.

5. Next, after that select you USB drive and click on “Continue”.

6. Now the last step is click on “Create now”, and the Chromebook recovery utility will create your USB Device bootable. This process will takes time depending on your internet speed.

Install Chrome OS Flex On Your System

WARNING: Before you install Chrome OS Flex please take backup/recovery of your files if you don’t want to lose them.

  1. After the flashing process is done, now we ready install Chrome OS Flex on our system, all you need to do is restart your system and open BOOT MENU, of you don’t how how to do that, check the image below maybe it helps or some system have dedicated boot menu key.

2. Once you open Boot Menu page, Select Your USB Drive and HIT enter.

3. Now you will see “Welcome to cloudReady 2.0”. Here, click on “Get started”. Now, sign you google account.

4. Now, here is two ways you can explore Chrome OS Flex first or either you can install it by clicking on “Install CloudReady 2.0”. Suppose I’m going with second option “Try it first” before installing it. This way we can check the compatibility of our WI-FI, Keyboard, Mouse, Sound and other hardware devices.

5. After testing Chrome OS Flex, Open the setting by clicking on corner button and “Sign Out”.

6. Next, click on “Install CloudReady” at the bottom left corner.

7. Final step, Click on “Install CloudReady2.0” and then click on install again. Once installation is completed shut down your system and remove USB Drive.

And the whole process is completed Chrome OS Flex will boot up.

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