How To Make Brochure On Google Docs

Google Docs already provide you with some templates that you can use on your brochure. Using a template is a good idea to start work quickly. Google Docs is a great tool to create a text document that you can easily share with your colleagues Google docs also have a free template to help you work done quickly. In this article, we are going to show you how you can create brochures on google docs using google docs templates.

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How To Make Brochure On Google Docs

  • Now select the template you like to use.
  • Now, Edit the text and replace the images.
  • Now you are ready to share your work with your colleagues and clients to work with them or collaborate with your partners.

You can also change the name of the document by clicking on the top-left side where is mention the template name click on the name and rename.

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Customize The Template

As you use a template you also want to customize the template as per your requirement. if you want to go with the traditional brochure that reads horizontal pages with two or three columns if you want to do follow our step-by-step guide down below.

  • Click on File on the top row menu, and click on Page Setup.
  • Now click on the Landscape from the Orientation section. The landscape is for horizontal formatting.
  • To add columns to your brochure, Click on Format from the menu bar and choose Columns where you can see multiple options and select which you want.

Final step edit your template like text, graphics, and elements so it,s don’t look like you are using a template.

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