How To Make Old Computer/Laptop Faster

If you have old laptop or a PC and it’s kind a slower like a snail and think it’s to replace it but you don’t have enough money to buy a new laptop so it’s time to upgrade your laptop or PC. Now, you think how to do that here we are to tell you Let’s make snail into TRUBO, after that you can say that “This snail is FAST”.

Disassemble And Cleaning

Now you might be thinking this process is hard and is it hard so be careful before doing that my advise is take a help of your friends, youtube and anyone you know that. After completely disassemble your laptop or PC it’s time to clean that sh*t. Now you can use brushes for cleaning dust or either you can you air blower to remove dust after that you use alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol 99%) this is 99% alcohol but can’t drink it so don’t drink and after cleaning from alcohol blow some air for drying it or you can leave for an hour.

Assemble And Upgrade Laptop/PC

Before you starting assemble your laptop you need to buy these things for upgrade:

Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSD is a harddisk but it’s faster than our normal hardisks (HHD). When you use SSD is the big hardware change in your laptop or PC. It’s makes your laptop/pc much faster; boot up fast, lunching apps fast compare to HHD. Most of new generation laptop/PC has built-in SSD but if you using old one then you should replace it with SSD.


The second most important thing is RAM. First you have check your old laptop/pc compatbility how far you can go then you can buy exact RAM. For an example if have 4GB of RAM then you can upgrade on 8GB. But most of laptop have already has it high end ram according to it’s motherboard cofiguration.


Now you can assemble your laptop/pc all these thing can makes you old system faster then before.

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