How To Merge Videos On iPhone

If you are recording the best or funniest moment of your life and you have two many clips of that moment and you want to merge all these videos into one on your iPhone, Here is the solution in this article we going to tell you how you can merger small videos clip into one video with iMovie app. Let’s see how to do that.

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How To Merge Videos Using iMovie App

I’m sure some of you don’t have the iMovie app on your iPhone so first, let’s download the iMovie app from here and launch that app.

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Step 1. Launch the iMovie app and tap on Create Project.

Step 2. Now, tap on Movies to import videos on ithe Movie app.

Step 3. Next, now you imported your first video and tap on the checkmark icon, and repeat these steps for other videos you want to merge. When the selection of videos is finished then tap on the bottom button “Create Movie”.

Step 4. Now you can see your merged video timeline drag left to see the timeline and if want adds some transition effects tap on the icon between the two videos and add a transition effect. When your all fancy desires are done now tap on the Done button to Save the file.

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