How To Move Windows 11 Taskbar Icons To Left Side

In Windows 11 by default taskbar icons are in the middle of the screen. If you are not comfortable with the centered Taskbar and you want to move these icons to the left side like Windows 10. In this article, we are going to show you How To Move Windows 11 Taskbar Icons To Left Side.

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First, you need to open Taskbar Settings. You can navigate to Settings(Press Win+i to open Settings)>Personalization>Taskbar. Or you can just right-click on the Taskbar empty area and click on Taskbar Settings.

After that scroll down a little bit and click on Taskbar Behaviors.

Now a list will open where you can see Taskbar alignment which is by default “Center” is selected now click on it and choose “Left”.

Now, your Taskbar will be set on the left side enjoy!

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