How To Open JAR File on Windows 11 And 10

Currently, Windows 11 And 10 don’t have pre-install JAVA so it doesn’t support Windows but you open the JAR file on Windows 11 and 10 with the free JAVA utility that you can download and install on your system, and with that, you can open the JAR file on your system. We will show you the complete tutorial on how to do that.

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What Is JAR File

Basically, the JAR file stands for JAVA Archive, the Developer code the JAVA file to make an app and other items in JAVA and the Developer save those file as .Jar but keep one thing on your mind if you download a JAR file on your system and want to edit them before you edit to make sure your file is from the safe source because JAVA file is executable and it contains virus and malware on code so when you execute file the virus also execute and it can harm your system.

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Step 1. Download and Install JAVA On Windows

You can download JAVA for free on your windows, you can download JAVA from here.
When JAVA is downloaded install it and restart your system.

Step 2. Run JAR File On Windows

Now, that you have installed JAVA on your system now is time to run.
Open File Explorer and select your JAVA file and right-click on it and open it with JAVA(TM) Platform SE Binary.

(If you don’t see the JAVA(TM) Platform SE Binary click on “Choose Another App” and select JAVA(TM) Platform SE binary)

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After that JAVA file is launch and you can edit them and execute with JAVA(TM) Platform SE Binary.

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