How To Optimize Windows 11 For Gaming

If you are a gamer or you just love playing PC games in your free time that is why we going to show you how you can optimize Windows 11 for gaming this post is specific for optimizing Windows 11 gaming and we gonna show you some tips and tricks how you can do that with some simple setting on your system.

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Windows 11 already have some features for gaming that can improve your gaming performance, stability, and smoothness in your game. let’s begin.

Keep Your Windows Update

Since the day when Windows 11 was released Microsoft give regular updates so they can fix issues and other things. All that means is if your Windows 11 is not updated, then you should update your Windows 11 first and make sure your all graphics drive will be updated also Windows drivers.

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To check whether your Windows 11 is updated or not go to “Start” and open “Setting” and you will see that on the top-right side “Windows Update” or You can click on the left-side “Windows Update” and click on “Check for update”. If updates are available it will start downloading as shown below and if no updates are will available it will Show “Up to date”.

Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

If you want to see how this effect your gaming play any multi-direction game where you can move your camera and you will notice that your mouse sensitivity is faster without changing any setting in-game because enhanced pointer precision speed-up your mouse.

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Now, Let’s see how to disable this following our steps.

Click on “Start” and open the “setting”.

And Search for “Mouse pointer style” and open it. In the related settings click on the mouse and mouse settings appear.

Goto the pointer option and untick Enhance Pointer Precision and Ok.

Stop Unwanted Start-Up Program

When you install the program in your system some of the programs run when your boot up your computer. These types of applications use ram in the background. Let’s see where you can find them all First open the task manager by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” to directly open the task manager and go to the Startup tab and right-click on the unwanted program that you want don’t run again at the bootup and Disable it.

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Run Games On High Performance

Usually, you run the game by double-clicking on it but you never know if your game running at a full performance or not. To run the game at High performance try this goto setting>Display>scroll down and click on Graphics, this will show your all program and games that can run at high performance.

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Now click on any game you want after that click on the option this will show Graphics Preference select your Graphics Card and click on Save. Now your game will take more power from the graphics cards to games at high performance.

Disk Clean Up

It’s important to clean up your hard disk from time to time because it stores junk files and temp files. For Disk Clean Up go to “This PC” and Right-click on C:\ Drive and go to properties and click on Disk clean up now you have to select what things you want to clean up like recycle bin, temporary files, and downloaded files. As you can see below I have 1GB of temp files, so that is why you need to clean up your disk.

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All of these are depends on many factors if you have a mid-range gaming PC then you will see some improvement in your gaming experience but feel free to try these settings because it’s doesn’t harm your system.

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