Play YouTube Shorts Like Normal Videos on the Website

After TikTok, YouTube released its short-form videos feature on YouTube and it’s called “YouTube Shorts”.

YouTube Shorts brings short-form videos, just like TikTok, Moj, and more. A platform such as YouTube Shorts brings videos to the table and a Maximum of one-minute video in portrait mode.

Google’s YouTube Shorts was released globally in mid-2021, after a time of TikTok was banned in India on 29 June 2020.

You can easily access YouTube Shorts, There’s an option called “Shorts” on the main menu on Websites or mobile platforms.

YouTube Shorts Video

YouTube Shorts Videos appear in the vertical format that’s the format is great for the mobile devices and also it makes sense because it is easy to use on mobile devices Shorts also use some formats on their website for desktop and laptop users.

On their website you can use mouse and arrow keys to watch next or previse videos, There you can also do Pause and mute video.

YouTube shorts is good and user-friendly on the Mobile devices but for desktop users, I think it isn’t user-friendly.

How To Block YouTube Shorts on Browser

Play YouTube Shorts like Normal Videos

if you’re looking for an option to block YouTube Shorts, here I have an extension that can help you to Block YouTube Shorts easily.

You have to use an extension because still there isn’t an official option to block Shorts videos to appear on the YouTube website.

Youtube-shorts block is a name of a browser extension that can help you to block and hide shorts videos, it is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The extension is also compatible with other browsers that are based on Firefox and Chromium.

The extension works directly after installation. Default Youtube-shorts block’s “Play YouTube Shorts Videos like normal Video” that option is Turn ON, So whenever you play a shorts video it automatically plays like normal YouTube’s Video.

There is also an additional option that will appear when you click on the three-dot option, this will give you extra functions to Hide “Shorts” Tab and Hide Shorts video from the website.

That’s it also comment down below What you think about this Youtube-shorts block extension.

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