How To Protect Files And Folders With Password In Windows 11

Protecting your computer with a password is not enough to protect your sensitive files and documents out there is so much encryption software for Windows 11. In this article, we gonna tell you to protect your file, folder, and documents.

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Protect Files And Folders

We have different ways to protect your Files, Folders, and Document in Windows 11. You can also protect your Word file, PDF file, PowerPoint, and also Your Computer Drive.

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Protect Files And Folders in Windows 11 With WinRAR

Most use WinRAR for unzipping files and it’s free but you can use WinRAR for password-protect files and folders in Windows 11. WinRAR use AES-256 Bit Encryption Technology for encryption it is AES encryption provides a higher level of security and it’s hard to create a crack so without going too deep into WinRAR let’s see how to do that.

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Step 1. First, download Winrar from HERE it’s free software and installs in your system.

Step 2. After when installation is completed then Right-click on Files and Any Document and move your cursor to WinRAR and click on “Add to archive”.

Note: If you don’t see this option then after Right-clicking on File the “Show more option” and move your cursor to WinRAR and click on “Add to archive”.

Step 3. After that, you,, can also choose Archive Format if you want and click on “Set Password”.

Step 4. Type your password and click on ok. And if you want to extract the file it will ask your password before extracting.

Protect Files And Folders in Windows 11 With One Drive

If you are looking for the best place to secure your files and folder both locally and on the cloud, we strongly recommend using one drive. OneDrive has a useful Personal Vault that is secure with 2FA and use can store other files. Don’t worry if don’t have a Microsoft 365 subscription but you can store only 3 files without a subscription and with a subscription no limitations on files. You can download the OneDrive app from HERE and also you can use the Microsoft OneDrive website.

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Step 1. Download and install OneDrive and Sign in to our Microsoft Account.

Step 2. Click on the Setting icon and click on Unlock “Personal Vault”

Step 3. You can store your Personal Files in Vault.

Step 4. When are you done, click on “Setting Icon” and click on “Lock Personal Vault” it will lock or it will automatically lock in 20 minutes

Protect Microsoft Office Documents With Password In Windows 11

If you want to protect your MS Word, PowerPoint presentation, and Excel sheet in windows 11. You don’t need to use any third-party applications. Microsoft office in built-in features with password protection with encryption. Here is how to do that.

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Step 1. Open your document and click on “File” at the top menu bar.

Step 2. Move the cursor to “Info” and click on “Protect Document” here choose “Encryption with password”.

Step 3. Enter the password and click ok. But don’t forget the password, if you forget the password you can’t access the file anymore.

How To Protect PDF File with Password

If you to protect PDF files with a password in Windows 11 this can be happened by using a small thirty-party software which is one of the best PDF editors you can download from HERE. This software helps you to quickly encrypt your PDF with a password and here is how to do that.

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.Step 1. Download and Install SmallPDF from here and open it.

Step 2. Choose “Protect PDF” from the left menu.

Step 3. Browse your PDF file and set a password on your PDF, click on set password and your password will set.

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