How To Protect Folder With Password

There are so many ways to protect your folder and file with a password and this is my personal way to protect folder and files if you don’t have your personal computer and anyone can access your files and ask you what’s is that.

There are many reasons why you want to protect your files and folder from your family and you know the most common reason is STUDY MATERIAL you know what I mean but not only for that it can be helpful for many reasons.

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Let’s see how to do that.

Files And Folder Protection

Here is the Step by Step Guide to Protect Folder with Password, There are so many ways to protect your folder and file with a password and this is my personal way to protect folder and files.

Total Time: 2 minutes

#Step 1: Download & Install

Firstly, you have to Download and Install Easy File Locker by Xoslab, you can directly download this software from This link.

#Step 2: Setup Easy File Locker Software

When you open this software, it will ask you to set Password so, enter your password correct on both text boxes and then just click on the “OK” Button.

#Step 3: Files & Folders Setting

This option will appear when you click on the File or Folder icon, Here you can your files and Folders setting, first, you have to tick on “Visible” which means your protected file and folder is visible, and in the “Accessible” has two options – “Writable” and “Deletable” which means anyone can read, Copy and edit your file or Folder and Deletable means anyone can delete. So, we don’t that why we do not tick on the “Accessible” Open and also remove the tick from the “Writable” and “Deletable” options.

#Step 4: Select Path

After completing the above steps, you have to select the path of your Folder or File which you want to protect, To select the path just have to click on the three-dot button, and then the Browse for Folder or File window will pop up, Just select it and click on the “OK” Button.

#Step 5: Start Protection

When you completed these steps, You have to just click on the Green color Button to start your file and folder Protection, and now that is it. Your File and Folder are PROTECTED.

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After the protection is started, whenever anyone tries to open your folder it shows a message “Access is denied” and after that when you click on ok the folder will be closed.

You might be thinking what if someone uninstalls the program well if someone tries to uninstall the Easy File Locker it will ask for a Password to uninstall the program. so carefully choose your password. And if you want to remove the folder, click on the Remove Folder icon next to the add folder icon.

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