How To Record Audio In Windows 11

Windows 11 already have a built-in feature for screen recording with internal game audio and mic audio, but if you want to record good quality audio with your laptop or PC. There is so much software for this work like FLstudio, and Ableton live this software is complicated for beginner users we don’t recommend but also these are best for that. In this article, we going to share some of the simple software that anyone can easily use and record audio of good quality.

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Method 1. Simple And Easiest Way To Record Audio In Windows 11

In this method, we going to use a built-in Windows 11 Sound Recorder. Windows 11 Sound Recorder obviously can record sound and it has some features like multiple audio formats like AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAN, and WMA. You can change its audio recording quality best, medium, and high. Now let’s see how to open and use it.

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Click on the Windows icon and search Sound Recorder and open it. Click on Record button to record audio or by pressing Ctrl+R to start recording.

Method 2. Using Audacity To Record Audio In Windows 11

In this method, we going to use the oldest and very simple software for recording called Audacity. This software is only for recording you use multiple tracks at a time like song recording. Audacity gives you so many options to edit your audio like professionals, add effects on recorded audio, split, cut, copy, paste, and save files as MP3 or WAV. Now let’s see how it works.

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Step 1. First, you need to download Audacity from here and install it on your system.

Step 2. After when installation is complete, First connect your Microphone then run Audacity you can see a little mic icon with a drop-down menu to select your microphone.

Step 3. Click to Start Monitoring to test whether our mic is working with Audacity or not.

Step 4. After all, things are done, Now click on the record button to start recording or just press R to start recording.

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