How To Reduce PDF File Size In Windows 11

When you create a PDF and it gets heavier because of text, images, graphs, and charts that are obvious but you can send up to 25MB with Gmail and Outlook and some places won’t allow you to send that type of big file but don’t worry we gonna tell you how you can reduce PDF file in 1 minute. Let’s begin.

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Reduce Size With Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is the product of Adobe Cloud Creation so not for free but if you use PDF professionally on a daily bases then you should try and buy it. Adobe Acrobat Pro is the best PDF editor on Windows. Adobe Acrobat Pro now has an online tool for reducing PDF size without losing quality or you can download and install software for that. Let’s see how its works.

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Step 1. Click here to open Adobe Acrobat Online Tool.

Step 2. Upload your PDF and select High, medium, or low.

Step 3. After that now your PDF size will reduce and download it.

Reduce PDF Size With Foxit PDF

Foxit PDF editor is used for editing PDFs, creating PDFs, and Signing you can use it for free and buy premium but with the free version, you can use minimal options but don’t worry you can also reduce PDF file size with the free version.

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Step 1. Download Foxit From here.

Step 2. Open Foxit and import your PDF file.

Step 3. Now click File on the top-right corner and click on PDF optimizer and Select Reduce File size.

Step 4. After that choose destination to save the file.

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Reduce PDF Size With TinyWow

TinyWow is an online tool you can use to create PDFs, Edit PDFs, Merge PDFs, Reduce PDF file sizes, and much more. TinyWow doesn’t store your data so feel free to convert any type of file, TinyWow has many file options for PDFs, Images, Videos, Files, and other options probably you have to check this site first before using any software.

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Step 1. Open TinyWow from here and select Compress PDF.

Step 2. Upload your PDF file and TinyWow compress the file and show the percentage and show a comparison between the original size and reduced size.

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