Simple Way To Remove Password From Windows 11

Removing passwords from your personal use system isn’t the best idea because if you use and work on your computer then probably have some important files on your computer, that can be stolen or lost easily.

Your daily using a browser like google chrome, opera, or firefox store your sensitive files like passwords, data, and which site you visited too much or recently, these thing can everyone see without a password.

If you are switching to another computer before doing this full reset your old computer and take backup files.

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How To Remove Password From Windows 11

If you still want to remove passwords from your Windows 11, in this article we are going to show you the simplest way to remove passwords from Windows 11, and anyone can do that. Let’s see.

Open Click on the Windows icon and open Settings or just press Win+i to open Settings.

Now on the left side panel click on Accounts Section and now on the right side click on Sign-in Options.

After that click on Password and then click on Change.

Now it will ask you to enter your password and then it will prompt you to enter new but just leave them black and click on Next.

Just to on the Next leave them blank, when next time you turn on your computer it will not ask for a password.

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